Authors : Sujay Rao Mandavilli.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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This paper proposes the creation of Anthropological Pedagogy as a distinct field of study within the framework of Anthropology, interfacing traditional Anthropology and Pedagogy with some pre-defined principles and objectives, chiefly designed to promote Anthropological goals and objectives through the medium of education. This paper proposes to lay the groundwork for what we believe will be an exciting and promising field, and we hope other researchers, scholars, Anthropologists and Pedagogists will take the concepts presented herein to their logical conclusion. This is based on the premise that there can be no quick fixes to complex and seemingly intractable issues, but that the ball must be set in motion nonetheless to replace superannuated axioms. This proposed field of study is distinct from the field of Educational psychology which deals with the psychology of learning, is much broader in scope than ‘Anthropology of Education’, and the relatively less-known field of Pedagogical Anthropology which was created over a century ago by Maria Montessori and others, even though there may be varying levels of overlap between them. This sub-discipline is proposed to be created with the fond hope that by combining the two crucial disciplines of Anthropology and Pedagogy, a new platform will be created for the wholesome furtherance of human welfare and interests, particularly long-term and global welfare through more scientifically structured education systems, which are designed to merge short-term local considerations with long-term global objectives. This approach includes within its ambit topics such as content fixation for societal benefit, long-term societal benefit, individual benefit and maximum psychological impact. Needless to say, it is integrated with the Theory of Mindspace, the Theory of Mindorientation, Societal orientation and Cultural remediation. It also deals with the collection and analysis of meaningful metrics, consensus-building and mobilization of international opinion for the realization of the goals, and implementation of the principles of Anthropological Pedagogy.