Authors : S. Sathish, Dr R. Sathiya Moorthy.

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 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Honeycomb structures are natural or manmade structures that have the geometry of a sandwich to allow the multilayered materials made of bonding stiffness, high strength skins facings to the low-density core material. The honeycomb sandwich has a high stiffness to weight ratio. So it is used in the structural component. The use of honeycomb composite structure continues to increase rapidly due to the variety of their application, for example, satellite, aircraft, ships automobiles, transportation rails, etc. In this research, an I-Beam honeycomb and hexagonal honeycomb panel are compared and evaluated. Static behavior of sandwich is investigated to determine the permissible load and then a fatigue analysis is carried out to investigate to predict the lifetime. The objective of the work is to find a number of cycles that a structure sustains at a particular mid-point load. If a structure fails at an early stage, efforts will be taken to increase its stiffness and strength as design parameters. A Finite element analysis of sandwich structures is to be carried out with numerical analysis as both preprocessor and post-processor. The finite element analysis results in hexagonal honeycomb compared with I-beam honeycomb panel.
Keywords: ANSYS, ASTM Standard, Honeycomb Core, Three Point Bending, Fatigue Life.