Authors :-Rupalir. Shevale, Shweta Karad, Maryam Merchant, Ashwini Kardile, Vijeyata Mishra.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Water is an important resource for life and its existence. Nowadays, due to increase in migration from a rural area to urban areas, the population in cities is increasing rapidly. To satisfy the water requirement and water quality monitoring needs, we are proposing an approach which is based on IoT (Internet of Things). In this paper we present an IoT based model for water level and quality monitoring. The data will be collected using sensors and accessed on real time basis through website.The proposed system consist different sensors like water flow sensor, pH sensor, water control valve, water level sensor and a raspberry PI 0W as a core controller. The data received from the sensors is processed by a microcontroller and sent to the cloud via a wireless communication module.
Keywords:- Water controlling, water quality monitoring, IoT, cloud computing, Ph sensor, water flow sensor, water level sensor, Raspberry Pi 0W.