Authors :- Saher Kadri, Nikita Magar, Poonam Suryawanshi, Raginee Titar, Prof. Shailesh Hule

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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There is a multiple systems connected in a network. This Smart Remote Access Technology or RAT (Remote Access Technology) uses the concept of Server and Client where the Server is the Smart and Powerful Computer to watch other connected Computer’s called as Clients. The Sever gives the commands to the Clients and Clients have to perform them as per requirement. These Clients cannot be seen or cannot be accessed by any other by any other System rather than the Server. These concepts provides better security to the operations and increase the speed of operation. Many times the user tries to use the built-in software’s provided by the Operating Systems or any Developing Organization to perform the Remote Operations but the problem of data security always comes as a threat to the user and many times the end user is not aware of this threats so they can loss their confidential data to any unauthorized hands which can lead to huge problem in future.
Index Terms—Remote Access Technology, Remote Shutdown, Remote PC Power Management, Process Management