Authors : Erry Rimawan, Tosan Danumaya Molle, Fibi Eko Putra.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 11

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In general the purpose of a manufacturing industry is to produce economical goods in order to obtain profits and be able to meet customer needs on time. With the increase in sales projections and significant customer demand, an analysis needs to be made regarding the company’s ability to carry out the production process. Therefore, one of the determining factors in order to be able to compete in the industrial world today is to implement lean production, namely through an operating management system approach by eliminating operational processes that are not needed to achieve effective and efficient productivity. Ineffective and efficient production processes can cause production to be hampered such as the accumulation of raw materials and intermediate goods (WIP) on the production floor. The application of lean production is expected to be able to reduce production costs, increase output produced, and production lead time to be shorter.
Keywords:- Lean Production, Lead Time.