Authors :- Sreerag V S , Dr. Sini V Pillai

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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This paper explores the rationale and value of applying lean principles to service sector organizations by finding the application of lean production improvement in service sector and to understand tools and technique to get maximum output from service sector. In fact, it is a mix of tools and practices that are applied according the situations that are to be improved. Companies mainly engage in lean production because of three reasons, to reduce production cost, to increase customer responsiveness and to improve product quality, this all specifically aiming in improve profit and competitive edge over others. The implication of lean in service sector is relatively new as compared to manufacturing sector. Usage of these tools in service sector must be driven up. This paper give a clear view on implementation of lean in service effectively and the contribution of lean service on improving the quality in the service provided while reducing the cost.
Keywords:-Lean Principles, Lean Service, Customer Pull.