Authors : Dr. P. Aravind Kumar, Dr. Tejaswi Kodem.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Periodontitis is the disease that causes destruction of the soft and hard tissues around the tooth structure. Without treatment, periodontal destruction may lead to mobility and ultimately leading towards loss of tooth. Substitution of the lost tooth with implant has acquired popularity among the people. The emergence of periodontal tissue engineering has transformed implant dentistry along with periodontology. Ligaplants highlights the aspect of tissue engineered periodontal ligament cells on implants, which will in turn change the conventional way of treatment by implants. The PDL fibers are the prime structures involving in tooth anchoring, it thereby inter links tooth root and alveolar bone proper, and it assists in bone formation. Tissue-engineered periodontal ligament (PDL) surrounding the dental implants would constitute to a chief modern therapeutic tool to restore lost teeth.
Keywords:- Ligaplant , missing tooth, tissue engineering, periodontal ligament, periodontitis.