Authors :- Preeti Mishra

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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Impression management, the process by which people try to control the impressions other form about them plays an important role in emotional labor. In this paper I have tried to present a conceptual model linking impression management to emotional labor. Emotional Labor is a hot topic which is being researched since late and surface acting and deep acting both are part of it, but does emotional labor arises out of some precursors or it is a mundane activity which people follow on daily basis is what I have tried to analyse in this paper. I have tried to form a conceptual model linking the techniques of impression management as a precursor to perform surface acting which in turn affects employee well being and leads to Job stress and Burnout.
Keywords—Emotional labor, Impression management, Deep Acting, Surface Acting, Employee Well Being, Stress, Burnout.