Authors :-Rashmi.K, Joshi Manisha Shivaram.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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This document gives design and development of device for rural healthcare known as Low powered portable Solar ECG System. This ECG system provides us heart rate, P wave, QRS complex and ST interval, PR interval analysis to determine the AV block using singl e lead ECG (lead I). Using solar panel and battery, we capture ECG signal and this signal are sent to the physician or health care centers with no time through STMP API and doctor can view remotely and dynamically his/her patient’s vital parameter in the HTML format in android phone or PC and for this, there is no need of any special requirement on his PC; all he/she required to access is internet.
Keywords:- Electrocardiogram, Cost efficient, portable onelead ECG device, solar panel, energy efficient .