Authors : Riddik Adhikari, Koustov Mondol.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 10

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Millions year ago, Mars used to look like Earth. Mars had prominent features to sustain life. The Planet had vast sea with oxygen rich skies and all conditions to support life. Meanwhile Earth was beginning to show that it can support life where Mars was losing its habitableness. The planet could not deflect the solar winds. The magnetic field of Mars vanished so it could not deflect the solar winds consequences to which habitableness of mars is blown away from the solar system. The problem lies with us that could we make mars habitable again. The long term discussions have been stated that if we could place a big magnetic dipole between mars and the sun so that it can deflect the solar winds from the sun. This would make mars 4oc warmer enough to melt the carbon dioxide in the polar cap. The carbon in the atmosphere would trap heat creating a greenhouse effect. This would bring back mar’s habitableness. Further with the concept of LDR (Light Dependent register) and UV rays which can also help in bringing back mars habitable. The LDR and UV rays charge the inner solid iron core of mars which create magnetic field inside the core.
Keywords:- Habitable, Magnetic field, Sun, Mars.