Authors :- Nitesh Singh

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 2

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In this very competitive era, with the advent of SpaceX in the field of Space Exploration, the competition has obviously been clambered to an unabridged different level. The Space Exploration Technologies Corp. recorded in the business turf by the name of SpaceX, has been posing great challenges to the government organisations in the field of aerospace since 2002. The landmark achievements of the company are innumerable as well, but the one topping this list is the latest achievement of – the first re flight of a commercial cargo spacecraft (FALCON 9). Its Spacelab and Aerospace hardware is very much different from the league, it fabricates two far-reaching modules of rocket engine in-house: the kerosene fuelled Merlin engines and hypergolic fuelled Draco/Super Draco Vernier thrusters. SpaceX is actively pursuing several R&D line-ups. Utmost noteworthy are the plans envisioned to mature reusable launch vehicles, an interplanetary conveyance scheme, and a world-wide telecommunications grid.
Keywords- SpaceX; Falcon launch vehicles; Dragon capsules; Reusable launch system; Merlin; Draco.