Authors : Purwono Sutoyo, Ruby Tirzana, Riyoko Yudhi Wibowo, Erry Rimawan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Television is one of the electronic mass media that broadcast broadcast in the form of pictures (video) and sound (audio) that serves to provide information and entertainment to the public. The most visible feature of television is to give a picture of a video when compared with other mass media such as radio, magazines, newspapers, books and so forth. So television seems to give a very special nature. So television is said to be a combination of media with images. Both are informative, entertainment, and educational.
Lately various television shows tend to be presented less selectively. Box office movie impressions, for example, now films from outside much dominate by adult romance, shootout scenes, violent scenes both verbal and non verbal. Box office impressions are now widely aired by every national tv station and is a program that is able to attract the audience.
In the activity of the transcription of video editors in their work is required to qualify the quality of audio and video films that they do by segmenting the content and duration. in addition to the duties and responsibilities of checking the quality and perform sensors in the scene in audio-visual.
Keywords:- Television, audio, video, censor, transcription.