Authors :- Ruturaj H.Parkhande, Suhas B.Pawar, Shubham U.Nalawade, Prof.Sandeep N.Yadav.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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The aim behind this paper is to save the lives of the poor fishermen from crossing marine boundary. The boundary detection technique does not allow the fishermen to cross their country border. When they reach the country limit an alarm will be raised and the message will be sent to the base station at the shore and the boat will be controlled by the base station. The new system adapts the embedded architecture based on PICMICRONTROLLER and ANDROID Phone. The PICMICRONTROLLER is used as the core processor because it has high definition, less power consumption.
Keywords— Microntroller, Bluetooth module, Android phone, DC Motor, Driver IC(L293Ds), Emergency switch.