Authors :-Desy Rahmadaniyati, Muhammad Faqih, Dewi Septanti.

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 6

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Today’s development of urban area including fishermen’s settlement requires specific and sustainable approach. Future quality improvement of fisher’s dwelling have to consider its inhabitant’s unique culture as the important part of the development. In this regard, maritime culture is highly related to fishermen’s livelihood, sustainable, and potential to be developed in many sectors. Therefore, this paper aims to generate a maritime culture exploration guideline on a particular fishermen’s settlement which is dismantled into five layers of culture, ranging from the most to the least visible. The results consist of aspects, factors, and respective indicators of maritime culture that can be assessed on fishermen settlement in any contexts and places. Further, the upcoming result of maritime culture exploration can be set as the underlying consideration for the fisher’s housing renewal in a sustainable way.
Keywords—fishermen’s settlement; housing development; maritime culture; sustainable housing