Authors : Harsha Sisodia, Akhilesh Sharma.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Earlier researches has revealed about physical activities with better mental and communal wellness including lessened risk of gloominess and suicide. Gloominess and suicide are the third main reason of death among youths. So there is a want to execute a study to be familiar themselves from their individuality and minimise risk factor. This research aimed on relationship among various aspects of athletic participation (team sport cooperation, personal sport sharing and athletic individuality) gloominess and suicidal character in a sample of 500 high school children of CBSE and MP Board schools of Bhopal. Depression and suicide attempt were used as a liberated measures and sports-related identities, personal and team sport involvement were used as a independent measures.
All the students finished a 45 minutes questionnaire about sports related identities and mental fitness. The conclusions are argued in the light of the relation between mental wellness and sports related identities to reduce health risk.
Keywords:- Social well-being athletic identity, depression.