Authors :- Salih Korucu, Ahmet Eren Küçük, Gürcan Samtaş

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Excavator is a work machine used in excavation works and also used to break hard objects such as concrete and rock. In rapidly growing industry excavators, on the ground, are expected to have a better performance. Especially during excavation, the excavating force produced by the actuators, undertakes a critical task. Furthermore, the excavating forces developed by the excavators must be larger than the resistance forces of the ground. In this study, it is aimed to manufacture mini excavators, which are not manufactured and assembled in our country and imported from abroad, and to reduce our dependency on the outside in this sector. In line with this goal, this study includes design and analysis of a mini excavator with 10-12 hp engine power and a 175 bar pressure with a working weight of 1000-1500 kg.
Keywords—Excavator; Mini Excavator; Excavator Analysis; Excavator Design; Hydraulic