Authors : Edmund Egwu Ubi, Asuque Udonwu Odiong.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 10

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The view or opinion of most student have about mathematics is incorrect. The bases for this misconception are faulty thinking or understanding which had created difficulties and poor performance in the learning of mathematics. When an idea is wrong all others knowledge that follow is would be wrong and this would lead to the failure in understanding this knowledge. This is the basic problem seen in the teaching and learning of mathematics as a core subject to other subjects. The lack of interest in the subject mathematics is as a result faulty thinking or wrong fact and this had to be corrected. Most students often have their own notion on certain mathematics concept either right or not. The onus is on the teacher to detect those misconceptions and help the student, remedy them. It is also to note that the teacher may devise their own strategies based on the source of the misconception