Authors : Surabhi Agrawal, Santosh Kumar Sharma.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Solar energy and wind energy is combined to design hybrid system. This is the most encouraging among the sustainable power generation sources. The aim of this paper is to work on hybrid system for power generation in distribution system. They are using hybrid (solar and wind ) system for power generation.. 5 stage and 7 stage is used for generating power system for converting power AC to DC than filtering that technique. Further MPPT is used for enhancing the technology and the same concept is applied to the wind energy also. Wind technology is used along with MPPT technique to develop the quality of the power distribution and generation. So in the proposed system both technique i.e solar energy and wind energy is combined for enhancing power distribution. We have implementing of total scientific demonstrating and MATLAB/Simulink shows for the proposed the electrical piece of an aquaculture framework is actualized to track the framework execution. The reproduction comes about demonstrate the plausibility of control procedure.
Keywords:- Hybrid system, PV array model, wind turbine model.