Authors : Salah Babiker.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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Internet of things (IoT) technology is becoming a part of our life ,we can find it in civil and military applications, smart cities, medicine applications and mentoring greenhouse, etc. We build a new module of wireless sensors network(WSN) with hyper techniques, so we plan to use electronics devices as Zigbee , Lora and RFID in one system to avoid the disadvantages from every single device. especially we used Lora to cover long distance area. For manipulating data coming from sensors we suggest to use Arduino Uno because They are compacted together, so the researcher is designing a small module to carry all components as smart node. This research focus elastically on IoT application in livestock located in the Republic of Sudan, to investigate wireless sensor networks (WSNs) model for cows monitoring with three goals prevent cows , monitor cows health and control the dairy process.. The proposed model is intended to simplify real-time data transfer, so the farmer or decisionmaker can easily manage his big data through cloud system or mobile application.
Keywords:- Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Network, radio-frequency identification, Zigbee.