Authors : Dr. Gangaraju. M,Prof.T.V.Krishna., Anitha .P, A.Shravan kumar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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A morphometry of Upper Sarada river basin has been analysied in this paper with Geographical Information System (GIS 10.4.1). This technique was used to found relevant encompasses size and shape of river basin and its drainage networks of Upper Sarada river basin. In this quantitative analysis has done based on Strahler’s system of classification. Hence, we are using the SRTM–DEM data of 30 m resolution, USGS) the data which we downloaded that has been geo processed to analyze and evaluation of linear, slope, areal and relief aspects of various parameters in marpometry. The upper Sarada river basin drainage density is 0.69., whereas frequency vary. The Rb ranges from 0.66 to 4.26. then these veriations indicate structural disturbences and the low drainage densities could not affected to structural disturbances but the area is fully covered under dense vegetation cover. The Upper Sarada drainage basin occupies an area of 853.14 km2. The USRB slope varies from 1 to 10%, even the slope variations depend on the geology and erosion cycles. Therefore the mainstream length ratio is 9.3 it indicating that the USRB is extended with steep slopes and moderate relief. The morphometry of USRB estimated by applying universal methods and techniques viz.
Keywords:- Morphometry of USRB, DEM, GIS, Upper Sarada River basin.