Authors : Rahul Golde, Dr.J.A.Hole.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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As part of an effort to evaluate water-based nanofluids for radiator heat transfer applications, creation, modification and characterization has been performed for nanofluids being considered for radiator as a coolant for nanofluid heat transfer experiments. Three methods of generating these nanofluids are available: creating them from chemical precipitation, purchasing the nanoparticles in powder form and mixing them with the base fluid, and direct purchase of prepared nanofluids. Characterization of nanofluids includes colloidal stability, size distribution, concentration, and elemental composition. Mixer of nanoparticles, glycol and water is use as a coolant in radiator which gives the maximum heats extraction from engine.
Keywords:- Nanofluids, Glycol, Radiator, Pump, Temperature sensor.