Authors :-Dhrumil Popat, Parth Parmar, Brijesh Rathod.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Internet has driven the globalization which addresses the interaction and integration among the people, different business institutes, government bodies, and many more. As people are exposed to unlimited number of quantitative and qualitative products through use of internet, they seek for the expected one at reasonable or favorable cost and time. Online bidding has become prominent solution to the expectations of online buyers since it excludes the need of physical presence at the bidding place and the product can be obtained at the affordable price. When bidding is conducted on a bidding floor this system will enable users to access the bidding using an online portal. Photos can also be viewed. Online bidders can place bids at any moment and their bids will be displayed on a screen at their own window. Authentication will be key for the online system and access credentials will be presented only to verified users. Users can set criteria for auto bidding such as limit amount, next bid increase amount etc. statistics can be collected by the system to judge which items evoked the most interest in bidders. We aim to build a tool that recommends the best suited product for user based on session.
Keywords:-Online, Authentication, Credentials, Recommends.