Authors : Eveline Siregar, Hirmana Wargahadibrata, Aprilia Putri Wijayanti.

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 Volume 3 Issue 12

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This study aims to encourage the improvement of students’ knowledge and skills in accordance with the expected learning outcomes through utilization of online instructional materials in learning media for students’ at Education Technology program, Faculty of Education Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia. This research conducted in two phases during 2 years such as (i) the development of online instructional materials model in media utilization and valid learning resource; and (ii) produce online instructional materials in web based learning. The target of finding and output in this research is online instructional materials in learning media utilization for increase student’s knowledge and skills at Educational Technology program that contribute in development research is ADDIE model. ADDIE is learning development model such as analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. This study offer new online instructional materials product. This study shows the result of research in year 1 that already done through design analysis so it produces a mapping of courses and collects online instructional materials that will be developed in year 2.
Keywords:- Media utilization; learning resource; online instructional materials; ADDIE.