Authors :-Mahesh Panjwani, Akash Kumbhare, Pratik Motghare, Nikesh Kosre, Shiwani Kumbhalkar, Sanket Jivtode.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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This paper is on the project “Online PCR System through Android Application”. We can see that technology has touched many spheres of our lives in India. There is technology in business, in education, in socializing and maintaining human relations, in purchasing, in agriculture, in banking, communication, and almost every part of our lives. This intrusion of technology has aided the work in all these sections, and has proved beneficial, and time and effort saving. This system is designed to bridge the gap between the police constables and the common people. There are lot of applications for the shopping, booking tickets and many more. But there is no application for the purpose of registering the PCR through android application. We intend to create a system where the user could register a PCR under various sections and inform the police constables whenever in an emergency situation from their current location. This system will helps citizens as well as police constables to easily handle the emergency situations. It will also prevent the accidents. We believe that this system will be thewidely used in the future and will also help to bridge the gap between the police department and the people and also highly reduces the scopes of false promises.
Keywords:-PCR Tracking, e-governance, android application, web application, database.