Authors :- Abimol R, Dr. Sini V Pillai

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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“Operation Planning” class that designing operations processes aims to reduce cost; reduce complexity; additional standardization of components; improvement of functional aspects of the product; and improved maintainability of the product. Furthermore, manufacturing and value engineering procedures are concerned with improvement of design and specifications at the research, development, design, and production stages of product development. Organizations develop a strategy plan to set their expectations of achieving missions and goals. All carmakers are grappling with how to plan and respond to the technological, social and economic changes that are expected to affect their products and businesses. We can see that, connected devices and the potential of the ‘industrial internet of things’ could make major changes in many manufacturing and distribution processes. It is better to choose the right investments and focusing is difficult for any original equipment manufacturer(OEM), especially as new players and disruptors enter the market. For the Volkswagen Group, the challenge is in some ways multiplied, as it must confront how to manage change across 12 brands with different market positions and functions, from economy cars to luxury marques and commercial vehicles.
Keywords:-Operation Planning, Value Engineering, Original Equipment Manufacturer.