Authors :- Dr. M. Deivanayagi , Dr. Mammootty I. K

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory, T-cell-mediated autoimmune oral mucosal disease with unclear etiology. The clinical management of OLP poses considerable difficulties to the oral physician. A proper understanding of the pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis of the disease becomes important for providing the right treatment.All therapies are palliative, and none is effective universally. Currently employed treatment modalities include corticosteroids administered topically, intralesionally, or systemically. Alternative therapies include topical and systemic retinoids, griseofulvin, Cyclosporine, and surgery. Other medical treatments and experimental modalities, including mouth PUVA, have been reported to be effective. In this review, we discuss the various current treatment modalities of OLP.