Authors :- Youssef Chetioui, Dr. Hassan Abbar, Dr. Zahra Benabbou

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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Several studies have examined the development and implementation of CRM systems in recent years. However, these studies have failed to determine common organizational factors that could lead to an effective use of CRM projects. To address this gap and to highlight the various organizational factors affecting CRM projects in the context of the Moroccan banking sector, we proceeded as follows : – An exploratory literature review to identify the key factors for successful CRM projects. An exploratory study through a survey of a sample of 100 bankers working in banks in several Moroccan cities. This study aims to test the organizational factors examined in previous studies in the context of the Moroccan banking sector. It aims, as well, to explore new organizational factors that might affect the success of CRM projects.
Keywords: – Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Organizational Factors;