Authors :- Dr. Andi Tenriningsih

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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The purpose of this research is to know the strategies increase the quality of education in South Sulawesi, the type of qualitative research phenomenological approaches through research results indicate that the quality of education is mirrored by the competence of graduates who are affected by the quality of the process and content of education. Achievement of competence of graduates who meet the standard must be supported by the content and the process of education that also meets the standard. Embodiment of quality education process is affected by the performance of educators and educational power, quality and quantity of infrastructure, quality of management, the availability of funds, and system assessment valid, objective, and firm, for that the Government need to create policies that support the development of quality education that fits the needs of the community and have a synergy with the vision and mission of education, besides the problem of education is a shared responsibility that must be improved continuously.
Keywords:-Self-Reliance, Education, Quality, Organize.