Authors :Ningxin Li.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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The West Bank is one of the world’s most water-stressed regions. The distribution of water evoked conflicts between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank. Water is an essential resource for humans to survive. Climate change has impacted the water supply in the West Bank and caused scarce water resources. This article will discuss the existing problems of how people addressed water issues and the consequences that impacted political stability and social development. This article provides multiple analyses of different theories and gives ideas on how to resolve long-standing natural resource issues. Also, this paper explores the power dynamics about how Israeli policies influence people who live in the West Bank, discusses the conflicts over water supply distribution, and discovers the issue of inequality of water consumption. It demonstrates the importance of protecting people’s water rights and water utilization. Furthermore, water rights and water security are essential to strengthen human rights. This paper aims to help Palestinians and Israeli settlers to find common ground on sharing water resources, analyzes the causes of the water issue, and presents ideas about how to improve foreign and domestic policies, as well as enhancing international relations and rising global equality.
Keywords:- Realism theory, green theory, human needs theory, Israel, the West Bank.