Authors : Ezenwaka, C. J.and Ezeonu, F. C.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Partial characterisation of palm oil from the three varieties of Elaeisguineensis namely E.guineensisvariety ‘dura’, E.guineensisvariety ’tenera’ and E.guineensisvariety ‘pisifera’ were carried out. Physicochemical properties and vitamin A and E were evaluated using standard methods. The physicochemical properties were largely similar except for the acid values, peroxide values and the free fatty acid that differed significantly (p<0.05) in ‘pisifera’ variety. The Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS) limits of 0.60 mg KOH/g acid value, 0.20% moisture and 0.05% impurities were exceeded in all the sample varieties while the peroxide values of all the sample varieties were within the NIS limit of 10 meq/L maximum. The results showed that the unsaponifiable matter differed significantly (p< 0.05) in the ’dura’ variety. The vitamin A and E and kernel content were highest in ‘dura’ variety and least in ‘pisifera variety. The ‘pisifera’ variety had the highest oil yield with the value 55.24%±2.64 while ‘dura’ variety had the least oil yield of 23.57%±1.0. These results could imply that E.guineensisvariety ‘dura’ could be a more potent antidote than E.guineensisvariety ’tenera’ and E.guineensisvariety ‘pisifera’.
Keywords:- Unsaponifiable matter, Physicochemical, Acid value, Elaeisguineensis, ’tenera’ ‘pisifera’, ‘dura’.