Authors : Sunil G, Yateen Lokesh, Nikhil T R.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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In the present study stretches Bangalore were selected, to develop the present serviceability index (PSI) equations for cement concrete roads. To carry out the studies, the test stretches were selected with varying pavement conditions from very bad to good condition. The unevenness of the pavements was determined using field survey, Visual rating, Ride ratting and the unevenness values were expressed in terms of International Roughness Index (IRI). The distresses such as raveling, spalling, faulting, cracking etc were measured and recorded. The rating studies were carried out by constituting three panels with six raters in each panel. The three rating panels constituted were highway, mixed and non-highway panels. The raters were trained for assessing the pavement surface by both visual and ride rating techniques and to rate the test stretches on a scale of 0- 5. The ratings of the three panels from the field observations were subjected to error elimination viz leniency error and central tendency error. The true ratings were obtained after application of corrections to the individual ratings. The distress data and the mean of the corrected ratings of both visual and ride ratings were used and regression analysis were carried out to develop PSI equations for concrete roads based on both visual and ride ratings.