Authors : Anu Gulia, Anil Dudy.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Femtocell are the smart cellular access point that support all mobile device using standard cellular air interface and academia Femtocells are deployed in existing macrocell network to improve network coverage in an indoor environment , it is a solution to the indoor coverage problems and congested areas .There are various applications (internet services and videos) were built and the number of mobile subscribers are increasing day by day, on the basis of this it was believed that the future mobile systems should provide optimized coverage, high capacity and efficient resource utilization. In the present work we studied femtocells on the dedicated and shared basis and also on the presence of UE with respect to the base station. The capacity increases and the quality performance is achieved when the transmitter and receiver are close to each other. The outdoor loss is zero when BS and UE both lie in the same house and therefore throughput we get is better from other two cases.
Keywords:- FAP, FC, NLOS, UMTS, DSA, UE.