Authors :-Jidhesh P, Vishnu Adithya Prasad N, Karthiga N, Samuel Karunakaran B, Shankar V.P

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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The recent decades have seen the increase in solar power demand for reliable and clean sources electricity. Solar cells which converts solar radiations into electricity is employed in today’s world to overcome the demand of electricity. several factors like temperature, dust, affects the performance of solar cell hence the efficiency of a solar cell is decreased due to the increase in temperature ,low absorptivity and high reflectivity of solar radiations at the surface of solar cell. Hence there is a way to boost up the efficiency of solar cell by increasing the light intensity incident on the solar cell also by reducing the amount of radiations reflected from the photovoltaic module. This paper describes about the improved performance of solar cell by using coating materials in the layer of solar cell and by using dome structures as the protective layer. Anti-reflection coatings are applied on the layer of solar cell which reduces the amount of light reflected from the surface of solar cell and makes them to get incident on the cell thereby by leading to increase in efficiency of solar cell.
Keywords:-Antireflective Coating, Dielectric Nano Structures, Power Conversion Efficiency.