Authors :-A. V. Desai, V. M. Patil, S. S. Patil, V. A. Kangralkar,

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 7

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: Eleusine indica L. Gaertn also known as wire grass belonging to family poaceae. The plant is used for deforming, eliminate or reduce cough and lung troubles, dysentery, heart problems and high blood pressure, spleen and liver complaints, bladder and kidney stone and in case of sprains, dislocation of bones and lumbago. The plant contains cyan genetic glycoside, albuminoids, starch, fatty oils, phenol compounds and flavonoids. The present investigation was carried out to isolate, purify and characterize active constituents from the whole plant of Eleusine indica L. Gaertn. Powdered material of whole plant of Eleusine indica L. Gaertn was taken for the preparation of extracts using soxhlet apparatus. The various photochemical tests were performed for alkaloids, glycosides, phenol, flavonoids etc. TLC and HPTLC were done for isolation of compounds. The isolated compounds were further characterized by FTIR, Ultraviolet spectroscopy and GC-MS. The anti-hypertensive activity was evaluated by using in-vivo model.The ethanolic extract of Eleusine indica L. Gaertn significantly inhibited the hypertension. Thus ethanolic extract of whole plant of Eleusine indica L. Gaertnhave significant anti-hypertensive activity.
Keywords: Eleusine indica L. Gaertn, Poaceae, HPTLC, FTIR, GC-MS, anti-hypertensive activity.