Authors : Supriya Sanjay Lahare, Prathamesh Raju Sonar, Avadhoot Ramesh Gawali, Sanket Sunilkumar Bangar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Stock Management System is imperative to guarantee quality control in organizations that handle exchanges spinning around buyer merchandise. Without appropriate stock control, an extensive retail location may come up short on stock on a vital thing. A decent Inventory Management System will caution the retailer when the time has come to reorder. Stock Management System is likewise a vital methods for naturally following substantial shipments. For instance, if a business orders ten sets of socks for retail resale, however just gets nine sets, this will be evident after assessing the substance of the bundle, and mistake isn’t likely. Then again, say a distributer orders 100,000 sets of socks and 10,000 are missing. Physically checking each combine of socks is probably going to bring about blunder. A computerized Inventory Management System limits the danger of blunder. In retail locations, an Inventory Management System additionally helps track robbery of retail stock, giving important data about store benefits and the requirement for burglary counteractive action frameworks. Computerized Inventory Management System work by examining a scanner tag either on the thing. A standardized tag scanner is utilized to peruse the standardized tag, and the data encoded by the standardized identification is perused by the machine. This data is then followed by a focal PC framework. For instance, a buy request may contain a rundown of things to be pulled for pressing and delivering. The Inventory Management System can serve an assortment of capacities for this situation. It can enable a specialist to find the things on the request list in the distribution center, it can encode shipping data like Management System make it easy to find and break down stock data.
Keywords:- Stock management, computerized inventory management system, stock following data, human exertion and labor.