Authors :- Marwa M.A Mohammed, Musa Abdallah, Safa Wdid

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Visceral leishmaniasis is widely distributed in different environment, but more in areas with poverty and immigration rehousing projects, due to civil war and domestic issues beside of finding the main causative agent, which is sandy fly, which infect human with infection causing parasite (L.donovani), and HIV infection with regular causes can be co-exists with VL. This study aims to check HIV infection among VL infected subjects in Gadarif state. Every subject involved in this study, beside of kala-zar centers in different villages agreed to be checked later for HIV, they were 200 who tested for VL, 63 (31.5%) were positive VL, further test for HIV conducted and it was only positive in 1 (1.6%) subject. That result indicated for low frequency of co-infection of VL/HIV, which is a good thing.
Keyword:- HIV, Leishmania Donovani, Co-Infection