Authors : Punya Ram Sukupayo, Santosh Kunwar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 7

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This current study was carried out in order to find out the prevalence of intestinal helminthes parasites in goats Salley, Panauti. The samples were collected in the month of August 2017 to January 2018. Total 170 samples were collected and examined microscopically by sedimentation technique for helminth parasites. Among collected samples 12.36% were found to positive with helminth parasites. Overall prevalence revealed trematoda (Fasciola sp), Cestoda (Taenia sp) and nematode (strongylus sp). Among them infection of Fasciola sp was found highest 2.94%. Sexwise prevalence revealed 14.81% of male samples were positive and 10.34% of female samples were positive for helminth parasites. Age wise Prevalence showed highest prevalence among the sample collected from goats of age group more than six month that is 14.06% and least prevalence was among the samples of goats from age group of three to six month that is 9.25% which is found statistically insignificant (2 =0.582 P<0.05, d. f. = 2). Seasonal prevalence showed 12% in summer and 11.428% in winter. The prevalence was found higher (13.07%) in the stool samples of goats collected form not aware farmers.
Keywords:- Age, Intestinal helminth, Prevalence, Sedimentation.