Authors : BinuU, Dr. Anusha S.P.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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Road safety is a matter of great concern worldwide now a days. India had highest road traffic accidents in the world with more than 1, 50, 000 deaths annually. Every day 3300 deaths and 6600 serious injuries occur on the road in the world. There is 3% (i.e. INR 55,000 Crore) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) loss per year due to accidents in India. The location in a road where the traffic accidents often occur is called an accident black spot. The rectification o accident black spot is the major step in reducing road accidents and fatality. This study focus on finding out a suitable technique for prioritizing accident black spots. The study methodology adopted includes identifying the black spots by weighted severity index, accident density and by method of ranking and severity index. The priority list of accident black spots of Kerala was prepared by considering the severity index which indicates the vulnerability of a spot to accident. In this study, the additional parameter selected is the distance to the nearby trauma care facility availability near the accident black spots based on ‘golden hour’ concept of emergency medicine.
Keywords:- Accident Black Spot, Weighted Severity Index, Accident Density, Method of Ranking and Severity Index, Golden Hour.