Authors :-  Junaidi , Soni Hestukoro , Indra Roza , Dian Morfi Nst , Weriono

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Cutting tool is the tools lathe. Cutting process tool HSS With Cast Iron Material Universal Lathe which is commonly found at Analysis cutting Process by some aspects numely Cutting force , Cutting Speed, Cutting Powe r, Cutting Indication Power , Temperature Zone 1 and Temperatur Zone 2. Purpose of this Study was to determine how big the cutting Speed , Cutting Power, electromotor Power, Temperatur Zone 1 and Temperatur Zone 2 that drives the chisel cutting HSS in the Process of turning Cast Iron Material .Cutting force obtained from image analysis relationship between the recommended Component Cuting Force with plane of the cut and Cutting Speed obtained from image analysis of relationships between the recommended Cutting Speed Feed rate.

Keywords:-Cutting Force, Cutting Speed, Cutting Power, Electromotor Power, Temperatur Zone 1,Temperature Zone 2.