Authors : Onwuka Ugochukwu C., Nathaniel Ojekudo.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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Internet of the present day is robust and reliable with innovative breakthroughs in memory capacity and processor speeds both on internet routers and host devices. Connection speed and bandwidth capacity have greatly increased with host devices seen accessing internet at backbone connection speed. All resulting from improved internet communication infrastructure. However, with all the improvements in the communication infrastructure of the internet, the single system of rules that allow two entities to communicate i.e TCP/IP protocol, remains unchanged; hence this research work. There is need for an improved internet communication protocol to make this exotic service faster and more secure with speed and security been the most significant need of today’s internet. This paper proposes the replacement of the four-layer TCP/IP protocol stack of the internet with a more efficient and secure five-layer SSCTP/IP protocol stack.
Keywords:- TCP/IP, Internet, Protocols, SCTP.