Authors : Mahek Riyaz Memon, Shivani Rajesh Bhadane, Pooja Shivaji Hengde, Komal Rajesh Bafana.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Public ration distribution system is one of the extensively problematic issues that involves corruption and unlawful disambiguation of good. One reason of this happen because in ration shop involves physical work and there is no particular technology involved in computerized the job. Particularly manual work calls a lot of inconsistent. Every Indian family is issued a ration card by Government of India and every family are granted to receive their food grains according the card. Every month the quota for food grains depends on their family income. As many families do not claim their quota of ration so shopkeeper sells the food grain at higher prices in outside market. So solution to this we are implementing system with biometric authentication with fingerprint biometrics for ration card holder. Biometrics data of all members of the family is also logged in card. We are providing voice recognition for illiterate people to avoid corruption and also provide a SMS for the people when ration is available in ration shop.
Keywords:- Biometric, Authentication, Voice Recognition, Corruption, SMS.