Authors : M. S. Bennet Praba, A.P., SRMIST.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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QR codes or the Quick Response codes are in the initial stage of their evaluation. Currently there are various uses of these codes, but they have a vast future potential. QR codes are basically the newer versions of barcodes. They are very much advanced and efficient as compared to barcodes. Barcodes can only code data from either 0 degree or 180 degree. QR codes can code data from all 360 degree access. Due to this reason, QR codes can store or code around a hundred times data as compared to barcodes. Here, in this paper we explore the use of QR codes as a channel between the physical address and virtual address of a spot or site. How QR codes can act as to ease and better the current cleaning managing systems.
Keywords:- Inventory Management, Quick Response, Alpha-numeric Data, Information Transfer, Audio Tour.