Authors : Dr. Elmahdee Hashim, Dr. Khawla M Alamen.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Project managers’ competencies are critical factors for project success. However, the high range of studied competencies in the literature and standards may confuse the senior managers when hiring and developing their project managers. In order to reduce this confusion, this study identified 21 competencies and ranked them through Relative Importance Index Analysis. A conceptual framework is designed for the purpose of this study. The results showed 10 competencies as the most important competencies for the project managers. The first nine competencies are the competencies that are grouped as project management knowledge competency of the PMCD Framework. However, the tenth competency is managerial competency that is a competency element of the personal competencies of the same framework. Therefore, this study emphasizes the project managers to focus on these competencies to ensure successful projects.
Keywords:- Project Manager; Competencies; Relative Importance Index Analysis.