Authors :-S L Mughilarasi, S Rakshika, L Sakthivel, S Saranya, Ms.M.Brindha.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The aim of our project is to design a pressure mat, to display the maximum pressure in different parts of foot while walking and to inform the person if they exert high pressure in the pressure points of the foot. Foot plantar pressure is the pressure field that acts between the foot and the support surface during everyday locomotor activities. The measurement of plantar stress distribution is an important technique to identify the feet at the risk of ulceration. This information is based on the plot of the pressure range of their walking for both recorded and real time. The piezoelectric sensors were placed in insole and fixed in the mat. The piezoelectric sensor is used because it uses the piezoelectric effect, to measure the pressure by converting them to an electric field. And another advantage is that piezoelectric sensors are highly economical. Microcontroller is used to acquire information from the sensor and to process the signals. Lab VIEW is used to visualize the output peak to peak pressure waves.
Keywords:- plantar pressure, foot ulcer, insole, pressure mat, microcontroller, Lab VIEW.