Authors :-Ms.K. Devi, Magesh.R,Nila.R,Shrinithi.M.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The livestock and domestic need of a human depends on animals. There are increasing number of issues regarding various animal health condition and movements. In this paper proposes the methodology using wireless sensors based PMHS (Pet Health Monitoring System) to detect the health status of the animals, which prevents widespread diseases and also helps in early diagnosis of diseases. In this PHMS ,the parameters affecting animal health such as heart rate ,pulse rate ,respiratory ,temperature and stress level are monitored using sensors .For the implementation of sensor module we used RSSI device and Raspberry pi microcontroller .The RSSI module is connected to graphical user interface(GUI) to display the values in PC. This project will lie in developing the hardware further to a wearable device which can be connected to any device using the IOT.
Keywords:- RSSI, Sensors, Monitoring, Wireless Transmission, Animal Health, Detecting, IOT etc.