Authors :-Lakshana R, Aida Jones.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Remote Patient Monitoring is one of the major divisions of healthcare which has always gained attention with the increasing technological growth. This has been implemented in many ways like telemedicine, health band like smart watches. Remote patient monitoring uses digital technologies to collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals and transmit those data securely to health care providers for assessment and recommendations. There are various methodologies used in this field but most of which are not effective like health bands which generate inaccurate readings. With this method a more accurate way can be implemented because a more precision equipment can be used here. The main objective of this method is remote medical suggestion where your logged healthcare data is viewed by many medical practitioners and they can assist the patient in need. In the latter method, a preferred doctor may not be available at all times which can be compensated in this method by having another doctor to give medication as this method involves multiple doctors monitoring your health data. This method involves monitoring of the patient data by sensors like pulse sensor, temperature sensor to determine pulse rate and temperature. These data are stored in a MySQL database and also can be viewed in a website using a webserver like Flask, both by the doctor and the patient. In the future the whole process can be made automated by using AI.
Keywords:- Flask, MySQL, AI.