Authors :- Shrirang M.Ware., Gitesh R.Wani, B.G.Pawar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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In this paper, we will discuss about review design and fabrication of paper shredder machine. Paper shredder machine is a mechanical device which is used to cut the paper into Chad, typically either strips or fine particles. Paper shredder machine is used to shred the important documents which are misused by some unauthorized person. There are lots of people who
spend their day through rummaging garbage to find personal information like social security number, account number, credit card application and other personal information about company to overcome these issues, paper shredders are used. It is categories as personal shredder, office shredder and industrial shredder.
Keywords:- shredding cutter, striper fingure, atomization.