Authors :-D.Kavitha, C.Gokulapriya, V.Abhinanthana, K.Dhanapal.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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The human intrusion detection system is designed to prevent unauthorized person gaining access to authorized area. Environment is made respond to human behaviour automatically by intelligent surveillance system. Our system has been designed to improve the standard of living. IOT based security system enables the user to control and view the activity or scenario from the remote area. This facilitates the user to receive the notifications when intrusion is detected and view the image from remote location. The sensors and the controlling power of Raspberry pi from windows is established i.e. user can update the position of the camera and capture new image.The main focus is providing the low cost and efficient surveillance system that can have wide scope in monitoring , gathering evidences and detecting theft instantly.
Keywords:- Intelligent surveillance, PIR sensor, cloud video storage, Camera, Raspberry pi.