Authors :-Savita V. Pol, Jagtap R.S., Dr. Doijad R.C.2, Desai J.R., Pawar J.D., Jadhav V.V. , Jagtap S.R.

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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Orally fast dissolving films (OFDFs) have been introduced in the market recently as they provide convenience and ease of use over other dosage forms such as orally disintegrating tablets. Fast-dissolving drug-delivery systems is an alternative to tablets, capsules, and syrups for paediatric and geriatric patients which rapidly disintegrate and dissolve in saliva and then easily swallowed without need of water.Mouth dissolving buccal films are advantageous particularly for pediatric, geriatric and mentally ill patients who have difficulty in swallowing conventional tablets. This approach increase therapeutic efficiency of pharmaceutical actives by avoiding hepatic first pass metabolism, deliver drug molecule in control manner, enhance absorption and improves patient compliance.
Keywords: Oral route, Fast dissolving film, pediatric and geriatric pat