Authors : Gaurav Siwal.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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As compared to material with ordinary grain size, Nano Materials have special properties. The Idea is to study the properties and coating techniques for ceramic and intermetallic nanostructure which could be deposited as a protective layer. Some methods include Inert gas condensation, PVD, CVD, Sol-gel, Electrochemical deposition, thermal spray, and pulsed electro-spark deposition. The composition of the material and microstructure can be controlled using different electrodes, and adjusting the parameters of the setup. Nano Material coatings on surface can modify chemical, mechanical and electronic properties. It can also improve high-temperature corrosion and corrosive wear resistance. These modification techniques can have various applications in turbine blades, engine parts for petrochemical, aerospace and electronic device industries.
Keywords:- Nanoparticles, Synthesis of nanoparticles, Nano ceramics, Intermetallic, Deposition, Coating.